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Section of Plant Biology
1002 Life Sciences, One Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
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Antibiotic stocks

abbstock conc.LB plate
Vol. in 500ml
LB agar
MS plate
Vol. in
ampicilin ap50 mg/ml100 μg/ml1 ml
kanamycin km/kn50 mg/ml50 μg/ml0.5 ml50 μg/ml1 ml
spectinomycin sp100 mg/ml100 μg/ml0.5 ml
chloramphenicol cm34 mg/ml in ethanol34 μg/ml0.5 ml
rifampicin rif34 mg/ml in methanol150 μg/ml2.2 ml
tetracycline tc/tet12 mg/ml12 μg/ml0.5 ml
hygromycin hyg20 mg/ml 20 μg/ml1 ml
carbenicillin carb100 mg/ml 500 μg/ml5 ml
thiamine 50 mg/ml 50 μg/ml1 ml
gentamycin* genteffective dose 6.5 mg/ml15 μg/ml0.75 ml75 μg/ml1 ml
basta 20 mg/ml 20 μg/ml1 ml
zeocin Zeo100 mg/ml25 μg/ml0.125 ml
* the potency of gentamycin varies from stock to stock, the volume added must be calculated according to the potency of the stock